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Chapter 2 The Surprise Event

  • Narrator.
  • " "I still can't believe that old lady tricked us like that," said Humberto Marchetti, slamming the table where the medical reports of the women who were going to be auctioned tonight were."
  • " "But it's true that it has been confirmed that she is a virgin, actually the only virgin. The rest of the women being auctioned will be sold at a lower price because of that," said his second"in"command."
  • " "What's the use if she's defective? With that scar, I'll have to lower her price. Has she woken up yet?" the boss asked."
  • " "Not yet, and thank goodness. During her medical examination, she woke up and almost attacked the doctor who was examining her. According to the doctor, she will wake up a few hours before the event. She's a real wildcat," the second"in"command's comment made the young boss smile."
  • The truth was that Emilia Monti had pleasantly surprised him. She wasn't like the other women who were auctioned off for millionaires to have a new toy. In the years he had been recovering the borrowed money and its interests, few women could generate as much profit for him as that tigress could, if it weren't for that scar she had so close to her private parts, on the inside of her right thigh.
  • His clients were very selective. They didn't always look for a virgin, although they were more highly valued and fetched higher bids. But he did ask for them to be like perfect dolls.
  • He looked at the photo of the beautiful Emi again. She was a real beauty. Her hair was straight, black as the night, and long, reaching above her waist. It was the kind of hair he wished would get tangled in the sheets of his bed. Her eyes were big with long lashes, showing some Italian ancestry in their shape. But what truly hypnotized you was the color of those eyes. They weren't dark brown or black, like many Latin women have due to their hair color. They were rather a very light brown, almost yellow, tiger eyes.
  • Her skin, on the other hand, was bronzed, like a golden idol. The desire to caress that body surprised him. She had a curvaceous figure with curves that enticed, and ample breasts that spoke of her Italian heritage, although she was slim. Humberto suspected it was due to all the work she had to do to support herself, thanks to her "loving and caring family," especially her useless brother.
  • Humberto even considered keeping her for himself when he saw her fighting with his men. Taming that wildcat would be a pleasure. But when they sent him the photo of the scar Emilia had on the inside of her thigh, he discarded that idea. If he was going to lose money by making her his lover, she had to be perfect, a doll to showcase.
  • But now he found himself in a dilemma. One of the rules of the auction was not to lie or deceive. That rule was created by him precisely to prevent his merchandise from being used and then returned broken or damaged.
  • All the merchandise had its specifications and obligations that had to be fulfilled by both the seller and the buyer. They were clear, and the main one was that under no circumstances should anyone lie. He would have to tell the truth about the flaw his best merchandise had to be auctioned off today.
  • These auctions had very strict rules. They consisted of the seller having a series of conditions to fulfill towards the buyer before bidding. Mainly, it is based on informing about the special characteristics and flaws of the merchandise to be exhibited at the auction, so that the buyer can decide whether to bid or not.
  • In return, the conditions that the buyer is subjected to, apart from paying on the same night before collecting the merchandise or having it delivered, is to be with the purchased woman for at least six months, mandatory. If the product did not satisfy him during that time, he could return it, and another one would be sent to replace it, at an adjusted cost.
  • "Normally they don't return them, few are satisfied with their toys, and even many of them marry them," the boss thought to himself to figure out how to solve his problem with his most valued piece of the night. "The only thing is to change the specific conditions for her. That way, I can earn more. Despite her flaw, she is still a virgin, and few, if any, are when they are brought here," he said aloud, causing his second"in"command to look at him, waiting for instructions, which he would immediately comply with, without questioning or hesitating. "Change the specifications for Emilia Monti, don't hide her flaw, but emphasize that she is a virgin. In exchange, her period of stay will be five years, she cannot be returned during that time. No, make it eight, by that time she will either be dead or she will become a docile lamb like all the others. And add that if the buyer marries her, the debt is canceled. He cannot divorce her, or he will have to return her to us. I like that woman, she is not to blame for the family she was born into. Oh, and if her brother causes trouble again, get rid of him quickly and take him to his mother with a note that says, 'He had nothing left to give, he lost everything,'" Humberto said, unaware that, for some strange reason, and surprisingly, a beautiful brunette with tiger"like yellow eyes had touched his heart for the first time."
  • Ruyman.
  • "I don't understand why you keep insisting, Ranita, that just because you are happily married to that hunk from the Scottish Highlands, it doesn't mean I should follow suit. It's clear that out of the three of us, I was the one who inherited common sense and intelligence... me," I said to my sister, who had called me at the worst moment while I was reviewing the report on the computer to forward it to my secretary, Rihanna Morris.
  • This was ridiculous. I had been living on another continent for two years now. The first year I spent in Asia, and now in America, specifically in Philadelphia, United States. But that didn't change anything for my siblings, especially for my stupid older brother Benearo. They kept insisting on the same thing.
  • "Meet a girl, get married, have kids, and be happy," they were like what we say in my beloved islands, true bananas.