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A Poor Man Coming To Power

A Poor Man Coming To Power

Alex Davis

Last update: 2022-12-09

Chapter 1

  • My life has never been easy, I have lost everything I loved the most and it is not about material things. My parents died in a car accident when I was only 7 years old, no family member took care of me, so the government left me in the care of an orphanage. Here all the children were treated badly, as if we were a burden and many of them felt they were worthless. That was because if their own family didn't want them, someone else wouldn't want them either.
  • The first month I decided to stay away from everyone and many kids considered me a freak because I preferred not to socialize. The girls, not to mention, as soon as I approached them, they ran away. Only one person was the only one with whom I had a friendship and that was Benito Buenaventura, his parents mistreated him until one day a neighbor called the family ministry and they were able to separate the child. Both parents lost custody and were sentenced to prison, the whole family hated him because thanks to him they were in prison.
  • As we grew up Benito and I made many plans, dreaming did not cost anything and one could imagine big. He dreamed of being a great businessman, having several companies and being in charge of thousands of people, while I preferred to enjoy my life knowing the whole world and being a free man; but of course, everything depended on money and that was something we didn't have.
  • When we reached our sixteenth birthday the orphanage could no longer assume our expenses, in any case we were already in the fifth year of high school and it was time to become independent. Our promotion gift was a $500 bonus and a one-way trip, they had already fulfilled their duty to prepare us, the rest was up to oneself.
  • Benito got a scholarship at the regional university of technology and commerce, he was one of the best students in high school and of course he took it. He had one thing in mind and that was to become a great businessman, on the other hand I was looking for a not so expensive apartment and a job, it was not my dream, but what can you do. Having a place to sleep and eat was enough for me.
  • Three years have passed since I left the orphanage and guess what?
  • ...My life is still the same, except that I owe more and more money to the state, my job sucks and I live in a 2 by 6 meter hole that's barely big enough for me.
  • -Stop chattering and work more, Javier, I paid you here to work, not to tell your life story," interrupts a voice.
  • The one who just shouted at me is my boss and my name is Javier Ignacio Santos Palacio. My name is not that cool, I work at Hamburguesas Tony's because I had no other choice, I am a waiter and the customers sometimes suck, they treat me as if I were their slave, but I have no choice but to put up with it.
  • -Table 4's order -shouts the cook.
  • -Isabel, don't you get tired of cooking here," I ask.
  • -Sometimes I would just like to go away and leave this job, but I have a son who depends only on me and I can't abandon him, besides, it's the best I can do.
  • -But you studied to be a professional chef, not to fry hamburgers.
  • -When you have a house to keep, you have to adapt to whatever comes your way if you don't want to stay on the street.
  • -Someday you'll be a chef in a prestigious restaurant.
  • -So what, you'll be the owner, you didn't even study a profession and having a restaurant as you describe it implies a lot of money.
  • -Hey, you two lazy people, stop falling in love and get back to work," the boss shouted again.
  • We both continue our work.
  • The clock strikes 10 pm and it's time to leave.
  • How I wish my life were different, to be able to leave my job and go wherever I want, to have someone to share it with, but, anyway, what can I expect. I don't play the lottery, I don't like casinos either as to say that I will become an expert in something, I just have to work all my life.
  • I'll do it! If I never try, I won't know if I'm lucky, I'll play a ticket to the $10 trillion dollar Mega Lotto, definitely if I try I'll go big. Ugh the most I've ever had in my hands is $1k dollars and that's going in an instant now that amount. I don't know what I'm doing, this is crazy, I'll spend my last $100 bucks to buy a simple ticket, in any case tomorrow I get paid.
  • -Good evening, he sells me a Mega Lotto ticket.
  • -That would be $100 dollars.
  • -Here you go.
  • There is the sound of the printer pulling out the ticket.
  • -Here, I guess you know the odds of winning are almost nil.
  • I look at my ticket number and it was 000, 985, 864, 068. What did I just do, I lost all my capital.
  • -I didn't know until now, but it's too late.
  • -Why didn't you tell me before, I wouldn't have done it, I'm out of here.
  • I get home and to my misfortune the elevator is damaged and I live on the eighth floor. When I get to my room I arrive exhausted, I open the bedroom door and my bed awaits. I'm hungry, but I've just wasted my money and all I have left is a loaf of bread and a soda, my misery is visible.