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Chapter 10

  • She preferred the glitz-and-glamor facade of the jewelry world over the sweaty, athletic image of his company. It was just as well she wasn’t bright enough to have done any research. If she had, she would have known that Julian's company’s earnings far exceeded those of their family's jewelry business. And it had only taken him a few years to accomplish it.
  • His mother wouldn’t believe it but Julian was grateful to Sam for being a selfish pinhead. Sam wanted Loveth because Julian had her. Thanks to that deep need for one-upmanship, Julian had narrowly escaped a huge mistake. But it didn’t mean he wanted to spend quality time with his spoiled, self-indulgent cousin. He’d agreed, however, and now he needed a date.
  • With a shake of his head, he began scrolling through the contacts on his phone. He had narrowed his options to three women, when the solution came to him.
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