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Chapter 12 CHAPTER 12

  • After that small incident at Calvin's house, Rhianne already forgot it and her life became more peaceful. She was no longer acting shy or awkward with her family. These past few months, she was getting closer to them than before. Rhianne was thankful that she has now a place to call 'home'.
  • But what made Rhianne more thankful was that after meeting Andrew when he suddenly visited their house with his mother, she did not see him again even once. Rhianne was determined to avoid him at all costs. In her heart, Andrew is the devil who will be the cause of Rhianne and her family's destruction. So it will be better not to be involved with him in any way.
  • During her free time, Rhianne always thinks of the future. She only read a few pages of the story. So Rhianne did not know how the story will end. But because the book she read was a romance story, the male lead and the female lead obviously will have a good and happy ending. But she did not know and will never have a chance to read on what obstacles and challenges the main characters will face before they reach their happy ending.
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