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Chapter 97 Gobi Desert’s Art of Venom

  • “Natalie Roman is esteemed to meet the master!” Natalie respectfully bowed before Lou Rain. The latter looked pleased upon seeing Natalie bowed to her.
  • “Take this. Take a browse through it. This is the Venom Scripture that I’ve learned all my life. Let me explain Venom Ossuary to this bastard first, or they might die without knowing what happens...” Lou Rain was a little angry as she beckoned at Natalie, Obsidian Witch and others.
  • Then she took Anthony and walked towards the villa compound, “Boy, listen to me! This Venom Ossuary is my life’s work. It contains hundreds of deadly poisonous bugs. I’m giving it to you because you are Louis’ apprentice and not some Tom, Dick and Harry. Hum! In short, if you use this and do something bad, I’ll skin you alive...”
  • After a round of advice, Lou Rain taught, “These Noxious Bugs in the Venom Ossuary are controlled and activated by a special flute sound or whistle like this... ‘Whee wheeww’...”
  • As she spoke, Lou Rain pursed her lips and whistled twice. The sound was not loud, but Anthony saw with his Carnelian vision that Lou Rain twitched and switched lip angles several times. The syllable of the whistling sound fluctuated rather peculiarly. It didn’t sound like the usual rhythm and frequency.
  • Ah. Is this the secret to controlling the Noxious Bugs in this Venom Ossuary?
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