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Chapter 85 Walter’s Scheme

  • Dorian knew that his job of teaching Anthony the Supreme Palm was over. It was up to Anthony to practice the moves to perfection. Dorian gave Anthony a few more words of advice before leaving in the afternoon.
  • Poppy and Natalie had already left the villa for a meeting. Just as Anthony was trying to figure out what to eat for lunch, Walter Jung called him.
  • “Is this Anthony Stewart? I am Walter, I’ve learned my lesson. I shouldn’t have butted heads with you. To express my sincere apology, I’ve booked a table at the Oceana Restaurant. If you don’t mind, would you come and have lunch?” Walter’s plea sounded sincere.
  • I did not know that Walter is such a smart man! He had set up a feast to apologize to me. Anthony thought. He was planning to infuriate Walter to experiment on the gray energy and golden lines. Instead, Walter turned up and offered him lunch.
  • “Alright! I will be there in twenty minutes.” Anthony was pleased and smiled to himself. He cleaned up and drove to the Oceana Restaurant in his Land Rover.
  • Walter was fuming. Anthony stole Jennifer from him and ruined his chance with Cate at Mirage Enterprises. He even got a slap from his father! He was not going to forget Anthony for ruining his life.
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