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Chapter 57 Why Aren’t You Dead?

  • The four sturdy-like bodyguards behind him dashed towards Anthony desperately. They grunted barbarously, “How dare you hurt our boss! Do you have a death wish… I…” Before the leader, Spike, could finish his sentence, Anthony flung his fist at him and smashed his nose. “Your boss, my foot! You all are just a despicable bunch of bullies!”
  • Fortunately, the person they came across was Anthony. If it were other younger lovers, the young girl might have been taken away abruptly, and the couple would be torn apart.
  • Anthony’s punch sent Spike a few meters away before he fell onto the ground, wailing like a pig from pain. The other three bodyguards who rushed over were all beaten up by Anthony in the blink of an eye.
  • The fat man could not believe his eyes as he watched his highly paid bodyguards who were specially brought in from abroad fall to the ground in less than a single move. How could this boy fight so well? But what other choice did he have? As of now, this problem could not be solved by fights alone!
  • “Have you lost your mind, young boy? Do you not know who I am? I am Oliver Hammel’s brother. Picking a fight with me means having a death wish!” Owen Hammel still managed to put up a menacing upfront although all his men had fallen.
  • Oliver Hammel was a famous and influential scoundrel in New York. With Oliver’s notorious and infamous domination, Owen was confident in himself, as nobody would dare take any chances to provoke Oliver.
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