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Chapter 51 Let’s See How You’d Break My Legs

  • Anthony took a quick glimpse at Prue’s chest, “Oh my, Miss McAllister, aren’t you all dolled up today? I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave the building anymore if you head inside with me. Why don’t you wait in the car? I’ll meet you once I get the money.”
  • Prue felt Anthony’s violating eyes on her and immediately felt hot in the cheeks. She could not help but be reminded of the interview earlier when her blouse was unbuttoned. This bastard – he can’t keep it in his pants for one minute!
  • Nonetheless, Prue felt good about how she looked.
  • “No can do. Even though you’re not officially our employee, I still have accountability over you. I’ll go with you!” As she finished her sentence, Prue opened the door to the vehicle and made a beeline towards the office building.
  • Within the building, several men in plain T-shirts were playing mahjong. One of the older men with a gold necklace saw Prue approaching and quickly signaled at the men next to him. Another youngster with glasses glanced at Anthony and Prue and hurriedly made his way to the second floor.
  • The man with the gold necklace smiled suggestively at Prue and greeted her as he was standing up, “Miss McAllister, what a pleasure! Come, why don’t you join us for a game or two?”
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