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Chapter 50 Something’s Up With You Two?

  • Anthony Stewart smiled sweetly to the guards, “Don’t worry, my brothers! Just a matter of putting away some mad dogs – I can take care of it!”
  • He moved across the room at lightning speed and appeared before One-eyed Billy as soon as he finished his sentence. He grabbed onto his shoulder, carried him up, and slammed him onto the floor. “Like I said, my boss wanted me to crush your balls!”
  • One-eyed Billy was already partially incapacitated due to his broken right arm. Upon being thrown onto the floor by Anthony, he was in great pain that his facial muscles began to spasm. “Little prick! Things will not end well for you if you go against the Skyward Group!”
  • Anthony extended his hand and pressed onto One-eyed Billy’s broken limb. “Dang it, I despise being threatened like this. Come now – lie still and don’t move if you don’t want me to miss!” Anthony knelt onto One-eyed Billy’s groin with brute force. ‘Pop!’ One-eyed Billy let out a horrible cry and promptly fainted.
  • The other man was as pale as a ghost. He, too, had fainted before Anthony could approach him.
  • Anthony held the two men by their feet and dragged them to the corridor like they were corpses. “Go back and tell your leader to behave himself. If you ever anger me again, I’ll see to your association’s complete annihilation from the face of Earth, understand? Now, get lost!”
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