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Chapter 40 Serving you is not easy…

  • As they watched Jean leave, Wade bellowed with laughter and slapped Anthony’s shoulder. “My boy Anthony, with your master’s influence, I don’t need to do anything. I’m just an old busybody and pressured her a little. Do you mind, son?”
  • Mind? Why would he mind? Louis did not give him anyone to contact in case of emergency. Having Wade solved his issues with just some social pressure was a great help! Anthony would not have been able to ask for help from anyone else either. He touched his nose and said, “No! No, I don’t mind!” At that instance, he saw Poppy and Natalie appear at the stairway and began, “Wade, these are…”
  • Natalie interrupted him, “Wade, this is Anthony’s first wife, Poppy Perkins. I am his second wife now!”
  • Anthony cringed when he heard Natalie’s introduction.
  • Wade laughed heartily, “This is wonderful! Young men are virile nowadays! Anthony, take things slowly, okay?” Wade had been a businessman and had mingled in the society for far too long to be surprised that Anthony had two wives. Anthony, on the other hand, was blushing like a desert storm.
  • Wade looked at Poppy knowingly and added, “And one from the Perkins? Not bad, boy, not bad!”
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