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Chapter 385 It’s Fine As Long As You Don’t Kill Them

  • The woman saw the young men rushing into the house and quickly grabbed onto the leader, a tattooed young man. “No, please don’t. Chione, run!” The woman shouted at the girl in the room.
  • The young men sniggered and grabbed the woman’s chest unscrupulously, “Haha, run? Where can you run to in Maspeth? Heh, you should know that Maspeth has a new leader. Do you think that the old boss is still here? Bro, get her!”
  • The young men rushed towards the room. In the room, a teenage girl said with eyes full of tears, “Mom, it’s alright. Let them have me. They just wanted me to sleep with them, isn’t it? Dad will be back, he will avenge us!”
  • The girl walked towards the door and slipped a strap off her shoulder. “Sir, you can have me, but can you please let my mother go?”
  • The young men looked at the innocent girl, and an evil gleam flashed in their eyes. “Sure, of course… Haha. Brothers, keep watch for me. You can all have a go later!” The leader of the young men was salivating.
  • They had always known that Jack’s subordinate, Sfora, had a beautiful daughter. In the past, they could only look at her. However, now that Sfora and Jack were both sent to DOOMTOMB, the whole of Maspeth would eventually fall into Noel’s grasp, so they had nothing to fear.
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