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Chapter 378 Even I’m Scared When I’m Mad

  • Quinten had come up with a plan to make Sharon bear a child, so Anthony did not dare to underestimate him.
  • “Damn! You’re a lunatic…” Quinten could not avoid on time, so half of his face swelled up after being slapped by Anthony. Even though Quinten was protected by a layer of Reiki, the pain was still tremendous.
  • Anthony snorted coldly, “You only found out now? When I get mad, even I’m afraid of myself!” As he was speaking, Anthony did not stop and charged forward speedily. At the same time, his Gelid saber gleamed threateningly as he wielded it to chop Quinten’s head off.
  • “Great Elder, quick…” Quinten quickly glanced to the side. At this moment, the Great Elder of the Dark Mage had escaped Claude and rushed towards Anthony and Quinten.
  • When he saw Anthony wielding the Gelid saber, the Great Elder shouted, “Bastard, don’t you dare!”
  • The Patriarch of the sect sent the Great Elder to protect Young Master Quinten for this mission. If something happened to Quinten, the Patriarch would destroy him.
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