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Chapter 35 I’m Yours

  • Anthony was left in a daze as the girl in the veil moved at the speed of light. The toxins on Wade’s fingers were gone entirely and have returned to normal in just the blink of an eye.
  • When she was done, she smacked her lips together with satisfaction. “It has been a long time since I’ve tasted such delicious poison!”
  • Anthony stared at the girl and asked intently, “Are you alright, girl?” He reached out, pushed her veil away to feel her forehead.
  • The girl was shocked by Anthony’s actions, “Don’t touch me, don’t…”
  • However, before she could finish her words, Anthony had already touched her forehead with his palm. He said puzzledly, “Weird… It’s not burning…” She showed no signs of intoxication at all. How could this be possible?
  • The girl jumped up excitedly in response while Anthony, still confused, continued mumbling to himself. The girl looked at Anthony in disbelief and asked, “Err, Sir? Why haven’t you passed out?”
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