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Chapter 346 The Pope’s Promise

  • Carolyn was stunned by how easily Anthony had defeated the Royal Pope’s top apprentice.
  • Wren was known as the top suitor for Carolyn’s hand in Antasia because it was rare for a man in their twenties, from the Mortal World, to be a Class Azoth master, yet he had been utterly defeated by Anthony.
  • Royal Pope Alfred contemplated Anthony through slitted eyes. This young man is a medical extraordinaire who cured Carolyn within half an hour and whose martial atman has awakened. This indicates that he is a Class Azoth master, but I wonder if he is a Class Nascent master…
  • Royal Pope Alfred had tried to probe into Anthony’s abilities, but was baffled when he realized that there was an invisible power enveloping Anthony’s body that prevented other people’s energy from entering him.
  • There was more to this young man than meets the eye, which made Royal Pope Alfred more than happy to agree to their relationship.
  • After Royal Pope Alfred’s men cleaned up the mess in the room, Anthony, Carolyn, and Royal Pope Alfred took a seat. “What are your plans for the future, Anthony? Pardon my frankness, but I believe that the old fellows in the Mortal World are no competition to you. Join Royal Antasia and I’ll make you one of my Scarlet Bishops, which will allow you to spend more time with Carolyn. I’ll also make you the captain of the guards too…”
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