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Chapter 343 There’s a Plant in Her Body

  • Anthony and the royal entourage arrived at the villa without further incident. Master Lou Rain was the only person there. After the greetings, she went to her room upstairs to give Anthony and his patient the privacy they deserved.
  • Royal Pope Alfred dipped his head at his men, who immediately spread across the villa grounds to ensure their safety and also left a few men on the walls of the villa to serve as lookout.
  • Anthony knew that these were necessary because they had to protect the royal family.
  • After they had made sure that the villa was fully secure, Royal Pope Alfred called one of his men, who carried Princess Carolyn off her wheelchair and laid her down on the bed in a guestroom Anthony had prepared.
  • “My Carolyn is in your hands, Mr. Stewart. If you can cure her, I’ll transfer the ten thousand points to you on DivInte and will always remember you as a friend to the Antasian royal family.” Royal Pope Alfred announced and gave him a thumbs-up.
  • Anthony had expected to receive his payment of ten thousand points, but Royal Pope Alfred’s promise of friendship was a serious matter because he was the most powerful person in Antasia!
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