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Chapter 337 You Won’t Dare to Kill Me!

  • “Are you threatening me?” Anthony’s eyes glinted with bloodlust as he scoffed at how powerless Southeastern Plutus was compared to Tinsel Dingo and Lord Unicorn, who he had no problems destroying.
  • He wasn’t afraid of this man and his father, but Ryker did not know that. “Yeah, that was a threat! You won’t dare to kill me, you wimp! Remember how powerful my dad is!”
  • ‘Crack!’
  • Anthony’s muscles flexed slightly as the Force in his hand surged into Ryker’s throat, crushing his windpipe. “Me, afraid of Southeastern Plutus? My guess is that your dad didn’t tell you how Tinsel Dingo and the Blood Demon perished, eh?”
  • Ryker’s lip began to wobble in fear as he suddenly remembered that it was a young man from the Varangians who killed Tinsel Dingo and Silas Winter. Could the young man be Anthony Stewart?
  • Ryker tasted something metallic as blood from the fracture in his windpipe seep into his mouth. If it was Anthony who killed them, he would definitely not be afraid of Daemon.
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