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Chapter 312 There’s No Way a Man Can’t?

  • “Punch you? I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Lord Pegasus reached out and touched Anthony’s forehead. “Eh, you don’t have a fever. Anthony… Are you…” Did Anthony go mad from his imprisonment in DOOMTOMB?
  • Anthony knew what Lord Pegasus and Michael were worried about. They all thought that I’ve gone mad. If I don’t display my powers, they would not believe. I trust them, so there’s no point hiding from them. “Michael, watch out!”
  • Anthony released his Class Azoth force field all over his body as he was speaking. Then, he raised his hand, which was surrounded by a powerful force field and hurled it against Michael’s shoulder.
  • “Argh!” Although Anthony had warned Michael, his fist was moving too fast. Michael almost didn’t react. He moved his body with his maximum speed to avoid the attack, but he discovered that it was unavoidable.
  • Anthony’s power… Has it really surpassed mine?
  • Michael was the strongest among the Three Lords and was a half Class Azoth. If Anthony is more powerful than me, this means that… My goodness, what has Anthony gone through in the past few days?
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