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Chapter 282 The Directors’ Reaper

  • When he activated his Carnelian vision, a replica of the Vine family's picture scroll unfolded before him!
  • Camelia bent down, with her back facing Anthony. Her skirt was a little too short… Describing it to you would be a sin… However, Camelia seemed to sway her waist intentionally, igniting a passion in Anthony.
  • This naughty little girl. I shall deal with you when I finish settling with Blood Demon.
  • After deciphering all three layers of protection, Camelia carefully took out the piece of Appalachian Trail and handed it to Anthony. She said gently, “Anthony, here’s a piece of the Appalachian Trail!”
  • She hesitated for a bit, then continued with a convoluted expression, “Anthony, I know that you’re one of the Varangians and are planning to renounce the Skyward Group. I know that you’re here for the Appalachian Trail, like the Stygian Sect. But… I… I’ve fallen in love with you, so I’ll leave it to you!”
  • Anthony looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her eyes were red. Her act of handing the Appalachian Trail indicated that she had put her entire future in Anthony’s hands.
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