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Chapter 252 Yes, I’m Bullying You!

  • Ever since we were at Golden Triangle, Janice is mine. I can’t allow this stupid idiot to covet her.
  • With this thought, Anthony said frankly, “Lucien, are you sure that you want to double the offer? Fenix here has agreed to give me sixty percent of the shares. If you double your offer, this means that you have to give me one hundred and twenty percent of the shares. Why don’t you give me twenty billion to show your sincerity?”
  • “You…” Lucien glared at Anthony, and his expression darkened. “Aren’t you just bullying people?” 120 percent shares! The Park family would be stupid to accept such a proposal.
  • This project could only profit fifty billion, and we would have to give Anthony seventy to eighty billion. This means that we won’t earn a single cent and would even have to bear a loss of at least twenty billion. What’s the point of the project, then? Does Anthony think that no one dares to harm him? Lucien glanced at Dorothy, who was beside Anthony and was upset.
  • The Park family was also backed by a powerful force, but it was not as powerful as the one backing the Piaskowski family. It was also weaker than Mount Beastial, so when Lucien saw Dorothy beside Anthony, he did not dare to act rashly.
  • Anthony looked at Vander with relish and said, “Yes, I’m bullying you. Do you have any objections?” Anthony was now the most powerful one here. Having power was the greatest advantage over here.
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