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Chapter 236 Don’t Even Think About My Woman

  • “Come if you dare! Go ahead and see what will happen if you dare to even lay a finger on her!” Anthony suddenly stopped when he heard Jaden’s threat. He turned around and stared into his eyes coldly. Jaden saw the look in his eyes, and his heart started thumping wildly. “You deserve a slap!”
  • While saying that, Anthony quickly strode towards Jaden with an aura exuding from his body. It was an aura that far exceeded a Class B master’s strength. He was at least a Class S master. It seemed like Anthony wasn’t a simple person at all.
  • Although he had two masters of the realms as his bodyguards, Jaden still couldn’t help but feel afraid. He took a step back and stammered, “You… What do you want to do?”
  • Anthony sneered coldly, “Beat you up!”
  • Beat me up? What a joke! Do you see hundreds of masters surrounding you? Jaden smiled confidently, “Are you sure, kid? Kingston, take his life.” Jaden took two steps backwards and ordered one of the masters of the realms beside him.
  • Killing a Class B master would be a piece of cake for a master of the realms!
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