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Chapter 149 Don’t Try Me

  • “Charlie, this is my last straw!” Anthony roared! Threats were what he abhorred the most in life. This feeling had been deeply rooted in him ever since he was a poor kid, and the feelings intensified ever since he had Louis Darcy and the Varangians on his side.
  • When Anthony was still little, an older child in the village had threatened to kill his dog. As a result, that night, Anthony ambushed him in the allies with a stick. He almost beat that older child to death until he knelt and begged for mercy.
  • Now, Charlie Mason was doing the same thing that the boy had done – threatening him. The veins on Anthony’s arm started to swell up as he clutched hard onto the saber. His whole being exuded an unreserved deadly aura that caused the air to freeze.
  • A few bodyguards who were still standing felt suffocated, finding it difficult to breathe.
  • Bane silently estimated Anthony’s strength on the ground. Anthony had mastered three signature moves from masters of the Board of Shikari. He was certainly someone not to be underestimated, no matter how he managed to acquire those skills.
  • Mount Beastial had been suffering from multiple internal conflicts in recent years. They could not afford another powerful enemy. How the heck did the idiotic Charlie Mason provoke Anthony Stewart?
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