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Chapter 133 The Princess’ Secret

  • Anthony cleared his throat awkwardly as he was embarrassed to treat a woman’s infertility issue. “I believe that there are better methods than Chinese Traditional Medicine like in-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination that these wealthy people could afford to deal with infertility…”
  • Roy sighed. “You’ll see later that this patient’s condition is unique, Mr. Stewart. I’m here to connect the patient to you, so you can discuss it later!”
  • The lift arrived at the ESTRN Restaurant’s top-floor grand suite, where they were barred by two Class A bodyguards for a full body search and Anthony was forced to hand over the Gelid saber.
  • Anthony glanced throughout the floor and was startled that there were Class B masters, Class S masters, and a grandmaster guarding the suite apart from the two Class A bodyguards.
  • Who could afford to hire all these masters as their bodyguards?
  • Only a few sects like Mount Beastial could produce Reiki masters of Class D and higher in a world where Reiki was scarce. The yearly salary of a Class D bodyguard was five million, so those of Class B and above were even more expensive!
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