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<p>Chapter 74 Time to Bust the Hammel Estate!</p>

  • Justin was ugly crying on his bed at the Hammel Estate. Jackson and Jack Hammel listened to him as he blubbered, “Dad! Uncle! I hate Anthony Stewart… His master messed all of us up, even Charlie, the Eighth Master and Oliver!”
  • Jackson and Jack gave each other a look, and their eyes glinted with hatred.This Stewart guy stole our daughter-in-law, killed Joel, and beat Justin up. He brought doom upon the Hammel family.
  • “Justin, I’ll take revenge against this man. Don’t worry!” Jack assured. He turned to Jackson and gestured towards the study room.
  • Jack looked out of the window from where he was standing. “Bro, the three experiment subjects were a success! The serum is good to go. I think we should let them try it out!” He said expectantly.
  • Subjects who were injected with the therianthropy serum became Herculean half-beasts. Jack was fascinated by the effects of the serum and would have taken some of the serum if it were not for the severe side-effects that his brother cautioned him about.
  • Jackson gave him a worried look. “Are you sure that the men you’ve found are trustworthy? I told you not to let them do as they please, or they will draw attention to themselves…”
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