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  • Riona was beginning to hear some noises. It was as if someone was inside of the room with her. She struggled to continue with her sleep and ignore but it was not easy for her as she continued to hear the tiny noises.
  • When it was clear to her that she could no longer act like the voices were not there, she reluctantly opened her eyes and look around the already dim room but they were no one there with her.
  • She sighed and was going to continue in her sleep when she noticed a little figure at the corner of the room very close to the wall.
  • At first, she was frightened as she could swear that whatever it was had not been there this whole time. She remained still and tried to observe if the thing was going to make any movement but it did not.
  • Carefully, she got up from the bed and went to put on the light. Immediately the light turned on, she noticed that she had only been frightened by an old handbag of her mum.
  • She laughed at herself and went to pick up the handbag. She had not seen this handbag in a very long time and she wondered how it got to that part of the room. She had been the one cleaning and arranging the room and she even cleaned it in the morning and the handbag had not been there.
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