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  • Riona was lying down on the bed inside her mum’s room when she heard a knock on the door. She ignored it at first until another knock came again and again.
  • “I wonder who doesn’t know the import of privacy” she murmured.
  • Ever since she got back from Regina, aside from going to Rennet Aid, she locks herself in her mum’s room all day long. Actually, she had moved some of her belongings into her mum’s room and had remained in it since then.
  • Not wanting to be disturbed by the persistent knocking, she reluctantly got up and headed for the door. She opened the door and was greeted by Riley’s presence.
  • “Hey Rio, I was wondering if you were around” Riley said.
  • Riona was not impressed with the way Riley had started, so she responded bluntly. “And now you can see for yourself that I am”
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