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  • The streets of Shadow Rank Pack were filled with members of the pack who had all gathered to celebrate with their alpha.
  • Derrick was the one who had organized this event for alpha Lucas on the excuse that it had been a long time since there was any celebration in the Pack. He was able to convince the alpha to accept his supposed kind gesture on the premise that the members of the pack needed such a huge event to remind them that the alpha was still in control and has not failed them. He told the alpha that he needed to make the people have faith in him as their alpha.
  • Things have not been the same in the Pack since Wright left with some of his allies over twenty years ago. And even though alpha Lucas tried as much as he could to act strong, the fact that the absence of his son left a vacuum was glaring for all to see.
  • Hence, even though Alpha Lucas had always been skeptical about any idea that originated from Derrick, he had bought his suggestion and went on with his plan. He was the alpha of the pack and the people that he lead need to believe in him.
  • In a bid to show good faith, Derrick had also gone further to offer to take care of even the tiniest of expenses at the occasion. And this further gladdened the alpha who felt that Derrick was finally trying to retrace his steps. The alpha was so happy that he was eager to do exactly what Derrick asked for.
  • The truth of the matter was that Derrick had come up with the idea for an occasion when he began to feel that his relevance was beginning to diminish in the Pack and his present and relevance was no longer been felt. And to revive his personality, he had come up with the idea of a celebration.
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