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  • Wright locked himself up in his room. He was alone in the house and even though he was not expecting anyone back soon, he does not want to be disturbed.
  • He paced around the room as he thought about all that had happened to Riona and how unfortunate she has been.
  • She had been marked by her mate which is the most intriguing experience in the life of any female werewolf. They all never cease to narrate their happiness on the night that they were marked but this was not so for Riona.
  • “That son of a …” He wanted to blame Dexter for marking her even when she could not appreciate it but then he knew that he was a great fellow. It is not easy for a male werewolf to see his mate and continue to act like everything was normal.
  • The possibility that Dexter would have told Riona everything about the werewolves the first time he met her sent cold chills across Wright’s spine. He could not imagine Riona’s reaction when she comes to find out about herself from someone else. She might never forgive him for hiding such from her and so, he desired to reveal that to her himself but has never been able to determine when would be the right time for that.
  • “Damn it” Wright cursed and punched his fist on the wall. It hurts so badly but he ignored the pain and continued with his soliloquy.
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