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  • It was morning and Dexter was sleeping on the bed with Riona. They had both fallen asleep in each other’s arms after the act that took place between them the previous night.
  • Dexter was the first to wake up. When he opened his eyes, he began to recall the event that had taken place the previous night. It sounded like a dream and was so unreal to him and he was even thinking that it was all nothing but some crazy dream.
  • “That was really crazy” he murmured.
  • He actually did believe that it had all been a dream and so he thought he was alone in the room. However, he felt a hand on his body and so he quietly removed the hand and turned to see that he was not alone on the bed but that Riona was with him and was sleeping peacefully next to him.
  • “What!” he exclaimed and covered his hands with his hand as he was careful not to wake her up.
  • “Am I going crazy?” he whispered. “No, I did not do that, what was I thinking?”
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