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  • It was evening of the same day and Riona was still not back with Talia. The whole family was worried and they earnestly pray that Riona comes back to them safely, bringing Talia with her.
  • The whole house was as silent as a graveyard. No one made any sound even though they had so much to ask and to say to each other. They all have questions written all over their faces.
  • Maeve who could not bear the absence of her daughter any longer was the first to break the silence.
  • “I will need to call Rio now. I don’t think their event usually lasts till this time” Maeve announced.
  • “Why not hold on for a little while longer dear? Give her some time she will come back to us” Wright replied.
  • “No Wright, I cannot wait any longer. I am going to explode inside of me if no one assures me that my Talia is safe. I have been patient enough and now I must make this call” Maeve responded.
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