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  • It is the outskirts of the Shadow Rank Pack, Derrick and his rogues were having a meeting at the inside of an abandoned building. The place was dark and one could barely differentiate the faces at the meeting.
  • There are about ten rogues that were with Derrick and the meeting was more of Derrick giving out others and resisting every contrary opinion. His right hand man, Blade was standing in front of him together with every other rogue that was present while Derrick was sitting on an old chair that looked like an abandoned throne.
  • There was jubilation and merriment in the room, they were all drinking and happy, celebrating their latest achievement of sending a letter to Wright.
  • “So how was his reaction after receiving the letter from me?” Derrick asked Blade.
  • After asking this, he grinned and let out an evil laugh and the rogues laughed along with him to please him. But Blade remained quiet. Derrick looked at him and frowned. He knew that Blade’s silent would only mean bad news and he hated the fact that there was a bad news at this point of his jubilation.
  • “I don’t know sir” Blade responded.
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