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  • Mr. Johnson was inside of his car when he sighted Wright walking down the park from afar looking very furious. Wright had called him and had requested that he meet him here.
  • From the tone of Wright’s voice, Mr. Johnson already knew that whatever he wanted to say what very important and that it must have to do with the pack and so he wondered what might be the issue this time around.
  • The first thing Mr. Johnson did after he had received Wright’s call was to put a call across to Philip who informed him that he have not received any news from their men at the Pack neither had Wright reached out to him on any issue. This had gotten Mr. Johnson more worried and anxious as he awaited Wright’s arrival.
  • As Wright walked into the park, he used his eyes to try to figure out where Mr. Johnson had parked. The park was filled with cars and he wondered if there was an activity going around somewhere that he had not heard of.
  • His heart was beating very fast not out of fear, but because he feared for the safety of his household.
  • When he had opened the mail box and an envelope had fallen off, he picked it up without giving it a second thought until that familiar smell hit him. At first, he had shivered and had looked around him to make sure that he was not been watched. And without going back inside or reaching any member of his family, he immediately entered his car and drove away. He then called Mr. Johnson to meet him up here.
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