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  • The whole family was in the sitting room and the room was quiet with everyone looking at Riona. Wright was standing in front of Riona. He had his hands on his hips and he stared at her in anger.
  • Riley was sitting on a couch with her mum beside her. She had a bandage on her left arm and some bruises on her face. This was as a result of the fracture she suffered from her fight with Riona.
  • Riona was sitting down on one of the couch. She appeared not to be bothered with the state that her family was in and she was pressing her phone.
  • “I am talking to you Rio, stop pressing that phone” Wright screamed.
  • He was so frustrated with Riona’s attitude. When did she become a tigress, going about fighting whosoever she felt was standing on her way? He asked himself. He wondered where he had lost it. He knew his daughter is a character but she was never this aggressive.
  • If he had not known Riley better, he could have sworn that she was at fault. But Riley is not one to go about looking for trouble.
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