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  • Maeve heard the horn of a car and she rushed to the window to look outside the house. She saw Wright’s car pull up and instead of Wright coming out from the car, someone else did. Seeing that it was not Wright that had driven the car, she rushed to open the door.
  • “What happened to my husband, why are you the one with his car?” Maeve asked the young man that had brought back the car.
  • “Boss called to ask that I bring his car home” the young man replied.
  • “From where, where is he?” Maeve was already getting more anxious.
  • “He went out to have lunch at the restaurant with Riona and Cindy, so some cars obstructed his exit and he left in Cindy’s car so he instructed me to bring his car home” the young man explained.
  • “I see. Give me the car keys, you can go back” Maeve said.
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