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  • “Yes, he is right. I am the rightful heir to the alpha” Wright said.
  • “Really?” Riona inquired.
  • “Okay, for purpose of clarity, we both were heirs to the throne. Alpha Lucas named both of us as heirs. But since my offspring has the shadow wolf which was a requisite of inheriting the throne, I am now the only rightful heir to the throne” Wright explained.
  • “I see” Riona replied.
  • “Derrick is my cousin and we grew up as brothers under the alpha right from when Derrick was little. The alpha never segregated or discriminated between us. He had all the privileges that were accruable to me and even though the right of sitting to the throne was exclusively mine, the alpha went ahead to name the two of us as his heirs. This was so as to satisfy the greed of Derrick and give him a fair chance to inherit the throne. But Derrick was never satisfied and he wanted the throne to himself come what may and so, he married my betrothed, Tabitha who is from the shadow wolf lineage in order to have her bear him the shadow wolf to validate his claim for the throne” Wright paused for a while.
  • He continued. “I had to flee the Pack when it was so apparent that Derrick was still not satisfied and was ready to kill me if that would guarantee him the shadow wolf that he so much desired. And then, coming to Edmonton, I married a human but still, Derrick would not stop in his search for me to get me completely out of the way” he paused and took a deep breath before continuing.
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