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  • Riona was in the hospital room, she has been placed on oxygen and drip.
  • Kyra was the person in the room watching over Riona. She was sitting down on a chair beside Riona’s bed praying and hoping that she regains consciousness pretty soon.
  • After Riona and Dexter were brought to the hospital yesterday night by Riley and Talia, Riona went into a coma and was yet to recover. The injuries that she sustained as a result of the accident were deep and the doctors cannot say for how long she would be in a coma.
  • All they did immediately after she was brought in late at night was to do all they could to stabilize her and place her on oxygen. The bleeding was stopped and a bandage was placed on her head. There were bruises all over her body and also a deep cut on her mouth. She had suffered a terrible accident.
  • At the moment, no one can tell the extent of her injury. The necessary tests would be carried out today after the doctor comes to see her and make the necessary prescriptions. Only then would they know what befell her. The tests would also reveal if there was hope to see her out of coma soon.
  • The doctor that had attended to her when she was brought in had remarked that her case was out of the ordinary. He believed that she was suffering from a shock that was not a result of the accident. According to him, she already had shock before being in the accident making a case a very unique one as she meant to recover even if the injury caused by the accident were completely healed and as it is, her coma might go from a day to a couple of years depending on the level of shock that she might have suffered before the accident.
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