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  • “You are lying right?” she murmured.
  • She wished he would tell her that it was just a joke and that he only wanted to see her reaction. She wished it was just a prank and that they would both laugh about it.
  • “I am a werewolf just like your dad and so are you too” he responded.
  • Even he too wished he could tell her that there were all lies. That all he had soon to her were untrue and that he had only been joking.
  • He saw the effect that his news had on her, he saw how she had reacted to it. She had felt betrayed and he hated that he was the reason behind such feeling.
  • But then, he had to tell her the truth. For how long was he supposed to continue lying to her, for how long would she be kept in the dark? Even though the lies were not intentional, they had been a result of her reactions towards the truth. But then the lies were not supposed to remain forever, the truth had to be revealed and there was no better time to do that than now.
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