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  • Riona and Wright are sitting round the table in Wright’s bedroom and they are both going through some documents separately.
  • Riona is taking down some notes on the jotter that is with her as she works, while Wright is inputting some details into his laptop.
  • When Evolette was alive she has an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) known as ‘Rennet Aid’ a Human Rights NGO which specializes in liaising with different orphanage homes and acts as a parent to such orphanage homes. Rennet Aid also provides intensive care to refugees and inmates.
  • During Evolette's lifetime, Riona was in charge of a department in Rennet Aid. Her department specializes in providing luxuries to kids in the orphanage homes. For example, they can take up a project of organizing a competition whereby the winners would be taken on vacation to any country of their choice. Due to how influential and the financial status of Evolette and by extension Rennet Aid, she was able to influence and encourage rich homes to take up orphans as foster kids and to also welcome them and provide a home for them during the holidays.
  • After the demise of Evolette, Riona took over the management of Rennet Aid and she is now the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and so she oversees the activities of Rennet Aid. However, Riona has not been fully involved in the activities of the NGO for sometime now and so she was doing a proper checkup and was taking down notes of the past activities of the NGO and also looking into the prospective future projects that Rennet Aid would undertake.
  • Wright on his part was looking into the activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility of his company. He too was trying to see what new projects that his company would undertake for the good of the society.
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