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  • Riona knocked on the door to her dad’s room. She was holding her mum’s handbag with the notes in it. After knocking she waited outside the room until Maeve opened the door from inside.
  • “Hey Rio” Maeve smiled.
  • Riona ignored Maeve’s greeting and went straight to what had brought her. “I want to speak to my dad. Is he in?” Riona asked.
  • Before Maeve could respond to Riona, Wright answered from inside. “Get off it, Rio. Is that how you are supposed to respond to your mum?”
  • “I want to see you now dad. I will be in the sitting room” Riona replied and walked away.
  • Maeve closed the door and she was able to stop the angry Wright who was on his way to meet with Riona.
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