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Chapter 7

  • Running to her room felt like running to hell, from the moment she stepped out from the kitchen, all she could hear were laughter. It sounded as if it was the sound of misery in her ears.
  • Finally arriving at the hell hole of her room, quickly she locked the door, running to her bed, she dumped her weak body on it. A terrible whimper escaped her lips, then her whimpers turned to heavy sobs, cracking through the room, as it breaks the silence that surrounded her, she was alone, the only person who had loved her was her father, who had died in the hands of the vampires at her early age when growing up.
  • "God damned, am so tired, am so tired of living"
  • She whispered to her self, as she fell on her knees, more terrible sobs raked through her body. Why would the alpha's son feed the whole pack with lies, why hadn't he killed her instead, he had kept her to be alive, just to torment her life more and more and make her life miserable. Then a thought crossed through her mind, was it not better if she commit a suicide, death would heal the pain she felt in her and probably give her a better sanity than what she was feeling right now.
  • Standing up from the ground, she took a chair as she walked towards the bath room, she had not felt these heaviness in her, not even the night she has realized that she was wolf less. Taking a rope which she saw laying on the floor, she tied it round the sharp iron which had served as a hook, where she dried her under wears, she tied the rope around, then created another round hole where she do insert her neck into, she stood on the chair ready to die, and quickly, without thinking, she inserted her neck in the holes, quickly leaving the chair where she stood, waiting to die, but just as quick as she left the chair, she fell on the floor with a loud thud, cracking some vital parts of her bones, a hook came falling beside her. A terrible scream erupted from her lips, the hook was sharp enough to cause a big dash in her throat if she had fell from on the wrong position. Then she looked up, trying to decipher what had went wrong with her plans, where she must have gone wrong. That was when she saw the big hole on the ceiling, where the hook was hanged, the cracks on the ceiling might had made the hook not very strong, she stood up, dusting her clothes. Someone was out there, praying for her to be alive, committing suicide was never the right thing. And how the hell had that thoughts crossed into her mind, to commit suicide. She waved her head, as she walked out from the bath. She was never going to allow Lucas words penetrate through her again, she was never going to fall a victim to his pranks. Never! She would be strong, preparing her self for the day she would escape, and she will have to keep that thought to her self.
  • ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
  • In a hall, filled with at least six men, which sat at the room. As they sat with the alpha who leads the Air winder pack, another smaller throne was placed beside the right hand side of the alpha's throne, and on that little throne sat Lucas, the alpha's son. Every man sitting according to their title. They were the pack council members, more like the chief warriors and ministers.
  • "I called your attention today, because tomorrow as was stated by the goddess, would be the full moon festival. When every werewolf between the right ages would be mated to their mates, also is a day Lucas, my successor, takes charge of the pack. And a new Luna is given to you by the goddess"
  • Vincent said, looking at the men in the room.
  • "With the new wars raging in between our pack and the vampires, foods are becoming scarce and the goddess refuses to provide us with rain. The pack also needs a stronger and wiser alpha to rule the pack. The Beta's son will take over the position of his father, since the late Beta never had a son. The recent beta's son will have to take over his father's position, likewise for other warriors"
  • Alpha Vincent said, watching as everyone gave a nod of the head, agreeing to the words of the alpha.
  • "The men had sent me a message concerning the recent escapades they had been into"
  • Cai said, interrupting the alpha.
  • "And what did you hear from the men who were sent to bring food stuffs to the pack, did they succeed in their escapades"
  • Alpha Vincent asked, his voice sounded sharp and brutal just like Lucas, his blonde hair which covers part of his face made him look equally dangerous than Lucas.
  • "No my alpha, the men had encountered severe mishaps on their way. The vampires do not allow them take what belongs to ours. That land which the vampires farms on belongs to the werewolves, to our pack, but the vampire king, Blade, had occupied and take authority over that land."
  • One of the men said, the previous month, they had almost gone on a rampage to destroy the vampires, but they knew they could not destroy them. They do nor have power over them, the vampires are way more stronger than them, those blood thirty animals were big savages, they had killed the previous beta of the pack.
  • "And what had been done concerning these, are you going to leave them and allow them to trample upon us"
  • Lucas asked, he was angry, how he hated the vampires, especially their king. The ruthless devil, who had caused him his left hand.
  • "No alpha Vincent, I have send some men into the land to take the produce that was already ready to harvest in the land and attack who so ever that crossed their path, they had attacked the vampires in full force, and they were the weaker vampires, they cannot fight back, and more produce had been looted in the land, they will be back in a short while"
  • Cai said, a dark bulky man, he had the strength of three werewolves joined together, he was the beta of the pack, equally ruthless as the alpha.
  • "What did you just say, you sent some of my men to go attack the vampires, the vampire who leaves in the vampire's king land, without no cover you beta Cai, you just put the whole pack in trouble, you of all people know that"
  • Vincent said, His face looked shocked with fear, his man was bringing trouble to him and the entire pack, he was messing with the wrong one, the wrong bloody King.