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Chapter 5

  • "There had been recent killing from the barren lands few days ago, some vampires who had gone to farm had clashed with some rogues werewolves, who had killed every vampire in the land, now the lands remain barren with bloods and bones, which are decaying"
  • Carson said, looking at the primus, who sat on the throne, his eyes dark, bloody dark, there was no sign of a white or colored pupil in it, his jet black hair, accentuating the curve of his face, which remains expressionless, his jaw sharp, sharp like a knife, as if you could slice an onion with it. His lips, full, red and makes every woman in the vampires lands, beg for his attention, he was a sin god, the god Kanchelsis, must have created him to look different, and to be dangerous, he must have created him on a special day.
  • "Have the three elders of the vampire's realm being informed of these happenings, before it was passed down to me"
  • Blade asked, his voice sounding cold, no sign of emotion could be found in it, the aura surrounding him always put others in the edge, the primus can detach one of their heads at any single word or mistake that they did. His name defined him.
  • "Yes King blade, the elders had sent powerful warriors to check on the vampires who were working in the barren land, but it seems the rogues knew they would be there, and they had blown some substance into the air, that must have caused the vampires to lay dead Ina minute, before attacking the weaker vampires, who were busy in the farm lands"
  • One of the council members said. It first started with rogues taking away their crops, and now, they had upgraded to not just stealing their crops, but also killing the vampires. The elders were not capable of solving the case, so they had to shift it to the vampire king, Blade Hemlock.
  • "Summon the three powerful warriors from the four cities of Winfield, inform the cities that their king, had demanded to see them, when the werewolves gives us blood shed, you return back the blood shed, an eye for an eye"
  • Blade said, watching as everyone in the room bowed down to him, no one dared challenge his words,
  • "And bring Ashrak to me, i need a blood to feed on"
  • The vampire king said, not giving anyone the chance to speak, he was not going to hide the fact that he needed blood, and her needed it from the elder's daughter. He left the room, he needed space and he needed blood, fresh blood directly from the source of where it came from.
  • He entered his chambers, the skin of a wolf was used to design his walls. Vampires were ancient and more olden than the werewolves, they do not have much modern amenities as the werewolves, they prefer been used to their old beliefs. Dropping on the cushion, he bent his head, thinking about the meeting that took place the previous minutes. He believed those were not just rogues, they were sent to by an unknown pack, who had disguised their scents, to cover up their track. He could trace where they came from, but, he had to give them sometime, to make them more used to their measly adventures, before he attack, with a full force, and may God help them, he would not pity any single soul when he comes striking with a full force, but he has to wait, there was always a silence, before a storm happens, and now is the silence.
  • A knock came resounding on his door, he could swift the owner of the scent. It was Ashrak, the daughter of the grand elder. He did not know why, but he loves taking her blood, and she was always wiling, to supply him with her blood. The door opened, without his permission, but he knew the devil of the lady, would not give him the time to give permission.
  • "You called me King Blade"
  • Ashrak said, her voice coming tiny, almost like moan, he knew she was trying to sound muggy, but to his own hearing, her voice never sounded sultry, Instead it sounded rash to his hearings.
  • Blade watched, as she strode towards him, she bent down a little, revealing her thighs, which he does not found a bit sexy, they both knew they were nothing, just there to please each other, they were two different people with similar benefits. She turned around facing her back towards him, as she removed her hills, her mini gown stroding up her thighs, and almost revealing her lace pants. Blade closed his eyes, he had not called her for her to try shitty things with her, he needed her blood.
  • "Ashrak"
  • His voice boomed in the room, stopping the young vampiress from moving,
  • "Never knew you were in a hurry"
  • Ashrak said, walking towards him, but just as she stepped three feet away from him, Blade dragged her towards him, making her fall on his thighs, a small scream escaping her lips, without giving her the time to settle down fully on his thighs, he sank his canines deep Into her neck, causing her to scream in an unimaginable way, but Blade never cared, as he drank her blood, the more he drank, the more his hands on around her waist tightened, he was going to drink the last sip of her blood, and just as quickly he has sank into her neck, he retraced his teeth out from her neck, leaving her body, as she fell on the cushion, beside him, she had passed out in the process of collecting blood from her, and he wondered if she was Still alive, the daughter of the elder was sure a whore, and he will not stop sucking her blood, till her blood taste worthless in his tongue. Standing up, he went to the bath to cleanse his mouth, washing the tiny particles of flesh in his teeth, he stepped out, surprised to meet his mother, who stood beside the Ashrak, who had not seem to wake up. He closed his eyes tightly. His mother was the only family he had, not before the rogues had attacked his king. The former king of the vampires.
  • "Marry her"
  • His mother said, her words making him to stop on his tracks, his mother could nor be serious, she knew he can never marry her,
  • "Mother, you know that is impossible"
  • Blade said, looking at Ashrak, with hate, she was a whore, who had fucked many dicks, not just only his but others.
  • "Why, you fuck with her, suck her blood, and now, made her exhausted, after feeding on her, no, you are going to marry her"
  • Selene said, looking at Blade, her canines almost prolonging out from her teeth.
  • "Never, she is a whore, she gives me blood and sex and I give her power, we have been benefitting from each other"
  • Blade said, walking to the closet to change his shirts to a newer pair, the scent of Ashrak still lingered on his old worn shirt, walking to the waste bin, he threw the shirt into the waste bin, and he walked to his mother, his eyes darker than how it was before.
  • "Am not going to repeat myself, but because you are my mother, I will spare you. Do not bring or command me to marry who I do not want to marry. I have a mate, out there, just as father was yours, and he had waited for you, not going to marry a whore, so now give me space, and leave my room"
  • He said, pointing his hands to the door, Selene opened her mouth to talk, but he silenced her with punch beside the wall where she stood. She gave a slight whimper, before exiting the room, her son was not the type to show emotions, not to anyone, not even to her, his mother.
  • Blade closed his eyes tightly, he had almost punched his mother with rage for spilling trash with her mouth.
  • "Guard"
  • He shouted, and quickly a guard came into the room, bowing down to him,
  • "Take these woman out from my presence, if she is dead, then call her father for a proper burial"
  • He said, looking at the guard, who shivered under his watch.
  • "Yes my King"
  • The guard said, carrying Ashrak, as he exited the room in a hurry.