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Chapter 4

  • Just as she was about to cross to the entrance that leads to her room, she saw two people leaving her room, quickly, gathering her cloth together, she hid behind the pillars which was so big enough to hid her tiny body, the two men talked as they past her, not able to see who was hiding in the pillars.
  • "Alpha Lucas would not be happy, if he hears that we did not find the omega, she was not in the room when we went searching for her"
  • One of the men said, walking past the pillar, his senses could not catch the smell of another wolf in the hall.
  • "Lucas had said, she might be dead, so we don't have to worry if we do not find her, but how dare she try to force her self on Lucas. The soon to be alpha, was she trying to have a pop for the alpha, to tie him down to her, damn, I never knew she had these disgusting character in her, and she always behaves so meek and lowly"
  • The second male said, as he turned to the other side of the hall, their voice sounding very distant and lower to the hearing of Bella, Bella stood shocked at what she had heard concerning her and the alpha's son Lucas. How dare the intending soon to be alpha build his leadership with loads of lies, if these lies reaches to the hearing of the whole pack, her life would be more miserable than it was already, and her sisters would make sure she does suffer, who does not know how attached they were towards the alpha's son, one of them wants to be the Luna of the pack.
  • Bella left her hiding place, as she went to her room, locking the door, she headed towards her bed, as she sat on it, tired and exhausted, the day had not started, yet she felt so tired, she heard the sounds of rats making some squeaky sound, raising her head, she looked at the end of the room, she saw a rat, the rat's eyes looked back at her, not even running away from her stare. Bella waved her head, a smile appearing on her face, as she looked at the rat, she did not know if it was her imagination but she saw the rat bending his head down a little, staring at her.
  • "Now we share a room huh, and you are not scared of me you little rat, well well, you can share my room with me, you have been the only companion that I have, and a very great one"
  • Bella said, not knowing when a tears slipped pass her eyes, cleaning it with a full force, she said,
  • "You are the only one who never judged me, never cared if I was an omega, wolf less and I really appreciate you for being real mouse"
  • Bella said, smiling, but was shocked when the mouse came towards her, it's tiny body jumping over the loop holes on the ground, then it rested beside her legs, like a little kitten. Had the mouse understood her. Standing up from the bed, she walks towards the shower, to take her bath, she felt so disgusting with her self already, the events of the previous hours roaming through her brains.
  • As she dipped her head into the water, her head relaxed, the pressures reducing and in five minutes she was done bathing, changing into a new cloth, she stepped out from the shower, walking towards the mouse which still laid beside the foot of her bed, she bent down, giving it a small bread, which she always kept in the room, watching as the rat bit on them, standing up, a sharp voice pierced her senses, almost now knocking her on the ground, she covered her ears, but the voice had rang inside her head,
  • (Wasting one more minute in the room, I will not hesitate to feed you to the dogs for breakfast, don't you fucking know we have a damn full moon ahead of us you witch)
  • The voice said, it was not hard to figure out who owns the voice, the voice belongs to her mother. And she knew she was angry, and she knew her mother was not joking when she said those words. She opened the door, running to the kitchen, each steps she took, made her scared to the brim, as if she was running to her death, she knew what awaited her, and she hoped, things runs smoothly for her.
  • The kitchen was filled up with the servants, who were busy with their work, a servant was better than her, they had their wolves in them and they were not the lowest being in the pack.
  • "Bella, where had you been, you were supposed to be in the kitchen poor child. Your mother had been mad with rage because you were not in the kitchen, earlier than others. Don't stand there, be quick, come take these to the mill stand, and grind them, breakfast have already been served, but your mother had insisted, you should be done with your morning chores before serving you breakfast"
  • The old woman said, she was the pack's chef, she was the only one who treated Bella differently, better than her own mother"
  • "OK Mrs Dozza, will be right back in a minute"
  • Bella said, grabbing the sack from the chef's hand, then quickly, turning around, the shock that ran through her when she saw Lucas, standing with those two men, whom he had sent, to maybe kill her. She watched as he gave her a deadly smirk, his eye ball turning dark for a second before turning back to normal, she shivered, watching as he strode towards her, she stepped back. All the occupants in that room watched the alpha's son, what was he doing in the kitchen, and why was he walking towards the omega. The lowest being in the pack.
  • (You escaped huh, thought you were dead, already prepared your casket for a decent burial)
  • His voice came, attacking her on her senses, she closed her eyes, clutching onto the bag tightly, Lucas had come to give her pain and make her life miserable, and no one could stop him, he was the alpha's son. The arrogant alpha's son. She bent down, watching as he stopped few feet away from her. Lucas smiled, these little disgusting thing had rejected his offer, that was a slap to his face and honor, and he would make sure she regrets what she did.
  • Turning towards the people in the kitchen, he saw three people stepped into the kitchen, it was Bella's mother and two senior sisters, he smiled more, these would be an interesting drama these morning, he just have to play the victim well.
  • "These girl, the wolf less omega of the Pack, what do they call her"
  • He said, acting ignorant, as If he does not know her name, it was all his plan
  • "Bella Manchor"
  • A maid said, smiling, who doesn't like seeing the Omega disgraced so well.
  • "Yeah, thanks dear. The omega, Bella Manchor, had accosted me these morning, trying to force her self on me"
  • Tiny whispers filled the room at his words, the alpha's son might be joking right? how dare the omega try something like that with the alpha's son.