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Chapter 3

  • "Why is Bella not yet here, preparing the foods for the full moon sacrifice, the grains to be cooked are not yet ready what had she been doing up since I woke her up from her disgusting sleep"
  • A woman said, her black hair flying all over her face with the force she spoke, she was so angry because nothing had been done that morning, the omega was to help the servants prepare the pack's food, they were servants in the pack, but it was the omega who was to wakes up first, even before the other servants wakes up. As breakfast was not something to be played with in the pack, it was a very important meal in the pack.
  • Just as the woman was about to say another word, two young girls almost the same resemblance with Bella, came into the kitchen, from their facial appearance, it would be known they were sisters to the poor Bella, but the only difference was that, they were not omega neither are they wolf less, it seemed Bella was made different from them, not just them, and the entire Air winder pack.
  • "I saw a body lying down in the store room, don't know if the owner of the body was dead or alive, and I did not have the time to check who the body belongs to"
  • Kira said, as she walked towards the counter, a sketch on her hands,
  • "What do you mean you do not know who the body belongs to"
  • Mrs Manchor asked, as she walked towards the door, looking at her daughter.
  • "You saw a body, and you can not confirm who owns the body what if it was Bella laying down there, dead or in danger. We all could hate her, but no one wishes her to be dead"
  • Bella's mum said, her mother's instinct making her scared, Bella might be an omega, but she does not wish her death. She rushed towards the store room, on entering the room, she saw a body, cramped on the floor, her clothes torn into two halves, quietly, she walked towards her, hitting her leg on the body, which lay on the floor, but Bella never moved, again, she hit her, these time, with full force, and Bella moved her body, as she groaned with pain, her eyes heavy with so much pain, not been able to the bolt of pain hitting her like a tornado, she opened her eyes first, all she could see was darkness, the room was so dark and she wondered if the alpha's son had taken her to the land of the dead, but she felt something hitting her on her legs, that was when her vision cleared, first, she saw a woman's leg, the leg continuously hit her, as if she was dead, on looking up, she realized who it was, it was Envylin, her mother. Probably, she had come back to unleash her anger on her, Bella wished, she never woke up, waking up and facing another torment and she was not ready to face her mother again, she prefers death than what awaits her.
  • "Why are you doing down here Bella, you came hiding yourself here, so you won't be caught huh, you bastard of a child. You know how am so ashamed of you, yet you try to make me angry these very early hours of the morning"
  • Envylin said, slightly not bothered about her clothes which was torn into pieces, she probably must have fucked with a werewolf, and must have fallen down here tired and worn out after their sexaul act. The omega cannot be a saint, and a werewolf mating with Bella, will actually be a shame if anyone hears of it.
  • "Who did you have sex with huh, I always knew you were not a virgin, but you having sex with anyone you know is a big shame, especially, at these early hours of morning, when you have tedious works to do"
  • Envylin said, watching as her third daughter who she never wished to bear, stood up, but falling on the ground all over again.
  • Mrs manchor laughed, the drama unfolding in her front, was quite funny, and she would have been so ashamed of her self if there was any other person in the room.
  • "Hahahaha, your legs are so worn out, that you can't even stand on your feet, Bella, who the hell must have fucked you so hard that you loosed your balance"
  • Mrs Manchor said, looking at Bella with her face filled with disgust, Bella watched her mother, who had bear her in her womb, insulted her to her heart content, Bella knew she was an omega, and that had been the reason why the whole pack hated her, and she not having a wolf in her, made the hatred increased, they has found out that she was wolf less on her eighteenth birthday, on the night of the full moon, all her age mates had transformed into their wolves and she had remained the same, the laughter's and insults she had gotten that day, still rings in her ears. Bella looked at her mother, seeing the look of disgust in her face caused her to cringe in pain.
  • "Am sorry mother, for causing you pain"
  • Bella said, hoping her mother see through the pains in her voice, but as expected, she received more tongue lashing from her mother.
  • "I am not your mother you whore"
  • Envylin shouted with anger,
  • "Now will you stand up from that floor and leave for the kitchen, but before you do that, go change into another cloth, before you add further disgrace to me"
  • Envylin hissed, as she walked out of the store room, closing the door with a loud bang.
  • Bella squeezed her eyes with pain, as the door came banging on her ears, standing up on her feet as she held the wall for support, sh walked to the door, she was not ready to meet Lucas, the beast who wanted to defile her, neither was she ready to meet the entire pack.
  • Already gotten enough energy, she looked down on her cloth, her dress had been torn into pieces by that beast. Placing her ears on the door, trying to hear any voices or sounds from the other end of the hall, not hearing any voices. Bella opened the door slightly, looking towards the opposite directions, not seeing any one, she stepped out from the room, hurrying quickly to her room of a dungeon.