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Chapter 92 - Together

  • < Serena >
  • The smell of blood, metal and burning wood filled my nostrils as soon as I left the forest floor. As oppose to earlier, the scene now in the Meadows was close to worrisome. There were more wounded faes, werewolves and lycans everywhere I looked, but at least, the good side here was that there were still zero deaths.
  • I figured I had to act fast now before the count changes to times ten.
  • Catching my husband’s scent, I ran towards where he was. I saw him with Queen Adna, seriously talking despite the many spears surrounding him. I felt great relief wash over me thinking that he was now safe from Nevannir. He won their fight, but now I taught, maybe he was asking for more action with him in the same platform as my aunt.
  • Meters away, I also noticed my father fighting with Geraden. He looked epic in his wolf form: a combination of black and brown. I felt a rush of pride for him.
  • ‘Serena, now,’ Aero told me through mind-link. He must have sensed my presence. I tossed him a look, saw him nod, so I nodded back. I knew instantly what he was talking about.
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