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Chapter 88 - Beating to a Pulp

  • < Serena >
  • Running with Aero in my wolf form was the most exhilarating thing I had done in my life. Well, second really if I count our many, many bed actions together, but that was besides the point.
  • This was ever my first time shifting into my wolf. I had always wondered when I would transform into one and actually doing it in the spiritual realm and under the central point of the River Enyd was mind-blowing.
  • Now, Aero and I decided to take advantage of the situation. Side by side we ran towards the nearest portal going back to Phanteon. Apparently, his teleportation ability doesn't work normally in Sattus. Like many others, he had to go through portals to be able to enter and leave the realm.
  • With my spacial magic, I could have transported us back to the Baltic Meadows in a snap, but I honored my king's lead. Plus, there was no harm in wanting to steal a bit of fun, right?
  • Once we arrived in our destination, Aero paused for a moment, gazed at me and mind-linked, 'Are you ready, Serena?'
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