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Chapter 84 - His Perfect Surprise

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  • Chris, who I specifically gave an important mission, waited in the camp set up near the Ehnrelil border. Once Serena and I exited the hidden lake, I mind-linked him, instructing to welcome us in the forest edge bringing along a certain bundle of joy. My third surprise.
  • That said bundle of joy was already leaping when it saw my wife.
  • “Sprint!” she cried out when her long lost pet hopped out of my Omega’s arms and ran towards her.
  • Serena had the brightest smile when it leaped onto her chest. She hugged it tight and petted the top of its head all the while awarding me a grateful look.
  • I showed her a pleased smile whilst hiding my guilt when I remembered how I tossed the damn creature from the footbridge when I was in Ehnrelil and got it trapped in some random realm using my teleportation ability.
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