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Chapter 82 - Forming the Puzzle

  • < Serena >
  • Wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet, I approached my husband who was standing near the balustrade. He seemed to be watching the cloudy sky above us but I knew better. I knew he was communicating with Elijah, probably barking out orders for him and his army.
  • Aero hadn’t told me about the werewolves and lycans waiting near the border of Ehnrelil and he didn’t need to. I could still sense it from him the thrill of bloodshed, of needing retribution and of revenge. I wanted the same too, directed towards Geraden specifically. I wanted us to travel to the Baltic Meadows and start the war, but I also wanted to do something before that.
  • Though I know we didn’t need any help from the other realms, I figured we had to reach out to Lady Yllana and Lord Hale. Their people probably would love to join in the fun, especially when they had their own dead comrades to avenge.
  • Plus, I also needed to fulfill my promise: to tell Aero what truly happened before I magically appeared in his bed on day one.
  • “Ready to hear my story?” I asked him when he accepted me on his spot with arms wide open.
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