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Chapter 77 - The One Most High

  • < Serena >
  • I was nine when I first stepped out of the fae realm. My friends Ada and Ade, sons of my caretaker, High Elder Hanhena, helped me. They were called Adamar and Adaen, the twin swords of the Silken Family, but I preferred to use short names for them. I wasn’t adept much with speaking as I was a late learner...or so the Elders kept on telling me like a broken record.
  • To be honest, I chose not to speak. I chose to stay silent. My mother before she died told me the fewer words I release, the safer I was. Safe from what? I didn’t know, but I had stayed true to her dying words ever since then even if it got me in trouble many times.
  • Ada, Ade and their mother were the only people who showed me care. The rest of the Elders were quite strict with me, and it even got to the point where I felt they hated my existence.
  • Again, I didn’t know why, but I was told I was a freak of nature many times.
  • Being in a different place other than the fae realm was refreshing. Even if it was the border between the werewolf territory and Ehnrelil, at least I got a taste of freedom. Seeing a werewolf too up close and personal, and even a royalty at that, widened my limited horizon.
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