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Chapter 73 - The Mysterious Luna

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  • When I woke up earlier this morning, I found Serena surrounded by the bugs. Two were hovering above her, another two were perched on her shoulders while three more rested on her feet.
  • This scene here wasn’t new to me anymore. I had been so accustomed with the bugs that their presence felt like a routine already in our lives. They didn’t stress me out like before nor did it evoke a jealousy within me.
  • Serena was sleeping so calmly that I didn’t want to bother her. I just continued on staring at her whilst welcoming the blissful feeling growing inside me. This woman will be my life forever. No one will replace her and no one will take her away from me. She’d be the mother to my sons and daughters. She’d be this kingdom’s best queen.
  • However, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about her real identity. This one problem had turned out to be the biggest hurdle we had to face.
  • I thought of the bracelet Nevannir gave me and the explanation he had with it.
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