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Chapter 67 - Staking His Claim

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  • I had no reason to see General Halcynos as someone I would get jealous of, so of course, I allowed Serena to dance with him. Honestly, out of all the men in this hall, he would be the only person I’d prefer Serena to dance with, but as far as trust goes, Elijah would be in the top rank, Halcynos would be second, and third would be my Beta and Alphas.
  • I watched when they danced in the center of the dance floor, but soon, my attention was diverted to my brother who decided to approach me. He stood on my left, holding a wine flute that was already half empty.
  • “You’re too stiff. Loosen up, brother. You’re the one who decided to throw a ball, so you should enjoy it,” he said before drinking the remaining contents of his flute.
  • I remained silent, but took his advice into consideration. I admit I was feeling uneasy. Just seeing Serena surrounded by so many faces, so many just didn’t sit well with me. And there was this issue of the murderer-arsonist. That entity could strike again and in this very party. The probability was high if it wanted to create chaos in my realm.
  • But then again, this was partly the reason why I allowed this ball in the first place. It was selfish of me, I know, putting my entire guests and the leaders in peril. However, I was confident with my people. Werewolves weren’t weaklings. They could protect themselves if needed. The leaders, they’d love some action too, so I wouldn’t worry about them.
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