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Chapter 52 - His Pent-up Desire

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  • What was intended to be an hour of swimming turned to an all-out intimate tryst until midnight. The snow moon’s first phase didn’t influence me. It was all me. All my accumulated desire for her freed in one night.
  • As a man who hadn’t touched a woman before, I was half-crazed, half-tempted to fuck her the whole night long, but I reminded myself she was a human. She was easily breakable, so preciously fragile, so I settled for four...four magnificent love makings: three inside the cave where I usually spend my time after court meetings and the last one, on her chamber.
  • The hot spring cave was my little solace. Now, I had shared it with another and with a woman, her, no less. I couldn’t be more happier.
  • On our second, I stripped myself of the confining pants and soaked boots. Fully naked, I took her under the waterfall, in a hidden area where a slab of rock slanted. Warm water rushed behind her. It muffled her screams of ecstasy for awhile, screams that I preferred only I could enjoy.
  • The third was in the same area, but this time, I was half lying on a different slab of rock with her straddling me. She took charge. Impaled herself on my erection with her face writhing in passion. Her supple breasts, the ones I used to sneer at, became my favorite dessert. She obviously liked the sensations whenever I gave it the royal treatment. Together, we rode the wave of orgasm, reaching to new heights I had never been before.
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